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The following are a selection of links to some fitness, dance and martial arts sites that we really like. We hope that you will find them useful too. But first we must start with a mention of our generous sponsors.

Hampshire & Dorset based business developers, BizGen Ltd, offer web hosting and online services in addition to business development consultancy. They designed and built and have a genuine passion for fitness and active daily living.

Lifestyle Fitness Training offers advice to both freelance personal trainers seeking to establish a successful business and potential clients looking for a personal trainer who matches their personality and training goals. – The Global Fitness Community is a great resource for fitness news, exercise and nutrition ideas and tips. is a membership_required organisation and national voice for all dancers in the UK. It aims to improve the conditions in which dance is created, performed and experienced. is not an Association, a Federation or a Governing Body but it is a ‘unique and friendly’ networking organisation for martial arts instructors and personal safety trainers, which is considered by its Affiliates to be an extended family of like-minded and friendly persons